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Business brokers are highly skilled professionals hired by business owners to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. Business brokers are experts in working in the shadows to sell a business! And the average commission per sale is $37,000! This is a commission based independent contractor position.

We are looking for an energetic person who is outgoing yet not demanding or controlling. The person must look clean, have self drive and be willing to grow into a higher level position within our region or national network. We do not want those that troll Craigslist from coffee shops or those who believe that Jerry Springer is a demigod. Male and female apply as the industry standards provide positives for both.

Compensation will be discussed during our interview. Use the form below to schedule your no obligation interview or call Carl and Jason Mancuso at 585-208-1034. This is an interview form not an application. Incomplete requests will be deleted.

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